Amber Parkside

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Amber Parkside 360 Walk

Production: Assembly Studos

CGI: Artray

Fusing countryside splendour with a bold architectural aesthetic, Amber Parkside is a reimagination of rural life. This is a Surrey idyll energised with striking design, savouring bucolic tranquillity whilst retaining urban sophistication.These two-to-five-bedroom homes blend effortlessly into their surroundings with double-height windows framing expansive parkland views.

Landscape-4-3 50
Landscape-16-9 70
Landscape-5-4 40
Landscape-4-3 70
Landscape-4-3 40
Landscape-4-3 60
Landscape-16-9 60
Landscape-4-3 40
Landscape-16-9 100
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